With two very experienced attorneys,  who are Florida Board Certified in Tax and Estate Planning, the firm is uniquely qualified to serve clients not only from families of wealth, but also the owners of successful businesses, commercial and residential real properties, shopping centers, golf course developments, residential developments, oil and gas exploration and development companies, large tracts of timberland, professionals and charitable organizations. 

Each member of our team works closely together to streamline processes and to find the most effective, efficient and cost-effective way to manage client work and respond to client needs and requests in a timely manner.   Our firm administrator, firm coordinator, paralegals and secretary work with the attorneys to assist in the management of the work and ensure that the administrative aspect of the office is running smoothly allowing the attorneys to focus their attention on their client's work. 

Mr. Linne and Mr. Huston believe that their responsibility to the client involves more than developing a plan to save taxes and costs for the client. It is also important that the client understands the work product.  For example, when designing an estate plan, it is important that the client understands the process in properly implementing and continuing to keep the plan in place over the years.  The firm's documents are uniquely developed and individually designed for the client.  Most documents include an individually designed annotation intended to provide the client with the opportunity to fully understand the significant legal concepts and purposes for each document.